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Texas Best Organics is an organic rice farming and milling company located
in China, Texas.  It is owned and operated by the Slack family, a fifth generation of
rice farmers.  The largest organic rice producer in the Lone Star state, Texas Best Organics
grows and processes only pure 100% organic rice.

We are one of the largest bulk suppliers of Organic Rice in the United States.
Texas Best Organics uses innovative techniques to produce their organic rice in a
clean environment.  Precision land leveling with a complex water levee system helps
to control insects and protect the young rice plants, and organic soil revitalization nourishes the
soil and returns the nitrogen to the earth. Our state of the art rice milling facility, the largest certified
mill of exclusively organic rice in the US, sorts and grades the rice.  Texas Best Organics
guarantees that your rice is "100% organic from start to finish".