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A Fresh Approach to Organic Rice

With 3,000 acres of organic rice, Texas Best Organics is growing and supplying
the purest 100% organic ingredient product on the market.  Our rice is currently used
for pasta, flour, extract, syrup, cereals, feed, and many more products and processes.

Not just a 100% organic rice farm -- we are THE 100% organic Rice Mill

What makes us 100% organic?  We do not take anything away from our products, and
we don't use additives.  All we do is farm, harvest, and mill our 100% organic rice.  We
don't even grow conventional rice, so there is no co-mingling with any conventional rice
products.  We can assure no contamination with 100% pure organic results.

Only the purest to raise the standard

Are you processing an organic product, but need the purest ingredients with higher percentages?
Then you will need a higher organic standard.  Would you eat a bowl of cereal
made with half pesticides, or half herbicides?  To us, 20% or 50% organic just does not
make sense, and that's why we have devoted our entire operation to 100% organic production
in every way possible.